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Learn Arabic from your home live from Egypt with native teachers with teaching experience to non-Arabic speakers.

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In a few clicks from home, you join your teacher for a live lesson from Egypt.

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Choose the formula that suits you best by combining work, training and family.

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In total immersion

This known method is undoubtedly the most effective way to progress quickly.

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Ubaī ibn Ka’b (رضي الله عنه) said :
« Learn Arabic just as you learn to memorize the Qurân »
(Ibn Abī Šaībat, Al-Muṣannaf 7150)


Here are some reviews of our old students.

“Very good pedagogy and very beneficial. By Allah if the student is involved and serious in his revisions he can very quickly progress and have a conversation even basic in Arabic.”


Salim Student arabian language

“ MachaAllah it is very rewarding, precise and concise. The teacher is very pedagogic The concept of online courses with Zoom is amazingly instructive with the teacher’s notes.
The teacher asks systematically if we have understood what makes it possible to advance without misunderstanding or misunderstanding.”

Yusuf Abu Qais

Yusuf Abu Qais Student Arabian language

“Assalam ‘aleiykoum, the courses are tops and the teacher is top Macha Allah. I highly recommend the volume 1 of Medina to those who can read Arabic.
Sometimes the teacher asks students who understand best to translate for other students. The price is more than affordable I thank the institute because it allows many brothers and sisters to learn.”


A student Maddina book level 1

“I recommend a thousand times.”


A student Arabian language

“ May Allah facilitate and facilitate the learning of the Arabic language.”


A student Arabian language

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